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Among the causes of early drop-out from upper secondary school by students with a low level of basic competences, there is a failure in the learning of mathematical and scientific literacy competences and, more generally, of formal and coded languages. Mathematics and other scientific subjects are often perceived by students as something abstract, unrelated to their daily experiences and perceptions. This disconnect leads to lack of interest towards such disciplines and to progressive abandonment of subjects that provide an important asset in the European labour market, which is a market that offers  many employment possibilities to people with those skills.

For this reason, it is fundamental to develop new teaching methods that promote interest and motivation for mathematics and scientific disciplines.

The purpose of project PRINT STEM (Pedagogical Resources IN Teaching Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is to develop, including through the transfer and adaptation of best practices from partner countries that have already experienced in their effectiveness within their school systems, training programs and related devices for use replicable 3D printers (a technology that enables three-dimensional printing of objects, starting from a graphic representation in 3D), for encourage innovation in teaching in secondary schools.

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