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Project partner “SABANCI” took part in a national science festival organised by the “Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey”. The event was held in the city of Adana at the International Fair and Congress Centre between the dates 25-27 May 2016. PRINTSTEM Project was one of the 80 projects to be displayed at the fair. The pupils had the chance to explain their experimentations and 3D designs. Eight 3D workshop activities were also organised to forty participants who had the chance to experience 3D printing technology.





Our technical partner from Spain AIJU organized educational events for public regarding 3D technology and it’s use.



And on May AIJU carried out other event for foreign participants presenting the 3D technology in general and its use in education.


Watch the video capturing the experiments with the students at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School. It’s a 3d printed rocket launch!

Students  of the IISS Gadda Fornovo Institute hold a CAD 3D design course at the middle school of Medesano.  Course was opened to students of the third medium and aimed to give a general knowledge on 3D design, starting from learning essential concepts, such as 2D design, showing the usefulness of these programs even within their school environment, such as the production of isometric tables and orthographic projections (generally produced manually), then introducing more complex concepts such as 3D design. Goal of this course will be equip the students with the tools necessary to produce independently simple 3D projects.



Our Polish partner Danmar Computers presented possibilities of usage of 3D printing at schools to teachers and their students.

danmar diss3

danmar diss

danmar diss4


Pictures from experimentations with students at Stephen Kirkby High School


Gadda Institute presented the opening of a new first class of Science (“Liceo delle Scienze Applicate”). Prof. L. Amadasi had the opportunity to briefly explain the content of the PRINTSTEM PROJECT.

The audience was composed by mayors and council members of nearest towns, managers of several companies (Dallara, Turbocoating, A2…), On. Giuseppe Romanini, member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Giulia Carbognani, case manager of “Polo Tecnico-Professionale della Meccanica e dei Materiali Compositi”, parents of the students.


Our partner from Crete 1 EPAL Chanion attended European Educational Conference “Mediteranean Sea Connects Us: Progress in Education with Local Communities and presented project PRINTSTEM to other teachers and experts from the field.


Starting from the end of March, our partner Forma Futuro promoted a special course on the use of 3D printer.

The course, of the duration of 10 hours, was focused on:

  • Introduction to 3D printing: technologies, manufacturers, materials
  • Preparation and conversion of 3D model
  • Process and finishing

The course aimed  to provide the basis of operational 3D printing process: from the preparation of the 3D model, to the printing of real objects with the  printer available PowerWASP EVO.



The representatives of school Sabancı M.T.A.L have been invited to the “Erasmus+ Introduction Seminar Days” organised by the Directorate of Education in Adana.  These seminars were organised in three half day sessions to different groups of teachers. During these seminars representatives introduced PRINT-STEM project among others “Strategic Partnership Projects” which arouse the interest of more than 275 participants.



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